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Yes. He played in 2006, playing in eight games with four starts.

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Q: Did Daunte Culpepper play for Miami Dolphins?
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What team did Daunte Culpepper play for?

Daunte Culpepper is a former American football quarterback. He has played for the Sacramento Mountain Lions in the UFL, he also played for the Vikings in the NFL.

For whom does Daunte Culpepper play?

Daunte Culpepper plays for the Detroit Lions. He is considering using his playing skills to help the community youth in 2012. He is now working with the Orlando Youth Football Clinic.

How many years did QB Dante Culpepper play football?

Daunte Culpepper is in his 11th year of professional football. He played for seven years in Minnesota, playing in 3 pro bowls, and one year each in Miami and Oakland. This year he is playing for Detroit. PaymonM

What is a daunte Culpepper play off 2000 card worth?

A Dunte Culpper card in ment. condition is worth about $1.50.

What other quarterback has retired to only come play again?

Daunte Culpepper retired after 2007 but came out of retirement in 2008 to play for the Detroit Lions.

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The Miami Dolphins play their home games in Florida.

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Where do the American football dolphins play?

The American football team the Miami Dolphins play their home games in Miami, Florida.

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