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Yes, in 1983 driving for Junior Johnson.

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Q: Did Darrell Waltrip drive a car with Pepsi as the sponsor?
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Which team did Darrell Waltrip drive the Gatorade number 88 for?


Who drove the Mountain Dew car before Kasey Kahne?

The last to drive the Mountain Dew car was Darrell Waltrip.

What car numbers did Darrell Waltrip drive?

Darrell Waltrip ran his first NASCAR Cup race in 1972, the Winston 500 at Talladega. His last Cup race was in the 2000 NAPA 500 at Atlanta.

How old are Darrell Waltrip's kids?


Who is Jeff Gordon's second primary sponsor?

Currently, Jeff Gordon's primary sponsor is AARP's "Drive To End Hunger". His secondary sponsors are DuPont and Pepsi.

What are the companies that sponsor Jeff Gordon?

There are 3 main companies that sponsor Jeff Gordon and they are DuPont, Pepsi, and United States National Guard. In 2011, Jeff Gordon had primary sponsorship from AARP and their "Drive To End Hunger" campaign for 22 races. DuPont and Pepsi filled the remaining 14 races. These sponsors will stay on for 2012.

What type of car does Michael Waltrip drive at home?


What is the truck that Darrell Sheets drives in storage wars?

Darrell Sheets does indeed drive a Chevrolet Silverado

What companies are sponsor members of the USB Flash Drive Alliance?


Was Jeff Gordon a driver of the M and M's car for Nascar?

No, he was not. Jeff Gordon has had DuPont as a primary sponsor since he began in 1992. Through the years some of his additional sponsors have been Pepsi, AARP Drive to End Hunger, Nicorette and the National Guard.

Will Mark Martin be racing next year?

Mark Martin is under contract with Michael Waltrip Racing through the 2013 season, he will drive in 25 races. Martin announced in January 2013, that he doesn't expect to be in the #55 car for Waltrip in 2014.

Did Mark Martin drive for Aaron's?

Mark Martin currently drives the #55 Aaron's Toyota for Michael Waltrip Racing in the Nascar Cup Series.