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No, he did not. He played for the Miami Heat in 2004-05 then signed up with the Cleveland Cavaliers the following year. Miami Heat won the championship in 2005-06.

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Q: Did Damon Jones win a NBA ring with The Miami Heat?
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Did shaqulle o'neal win a championship ring with the Miami Heat?

yes 2006

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Gary Payton received a ring when he was with the Miami Heat, which won in 2006.

Is lebron going to win a ring first year in Miami for the first time in his career?

Maybe if they keep working the way they are Miami Heat could!

How many rings Miami Heat has?

Only a player can have rings. The team does, howeve,r have 2 Super bowl titles.

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Did gary payton get a ring?

No. The Lakers reached the NBA finals with Gary Payton, only to be defeated by the Detroit Pistons. However, Payton won a championship with the Miami Heat in 2006.

Why did LeBron James move to Miami Heat?

He thought Miami was going to win. Everybody said his choose was stupid!

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Will Shaquille O'Neal play for the Miami Heat in the 2010-2011 season?

Let's see here, Shaq has already won a ring in Miami with D'Wade, just finished playing a season with Lebron, would love nothing more than to get another ring at the expense of Kobe, and Miami can only offer low salaries to the rest of it's players but Shaq is so rich it wouldn't bother him to play for minimum salary...... So yes Shaq WILL play for the Heat next season. How effective he can be as the oldest player in the NBA is another question.

How many rings Lebron James have?

As of now LeBron James has 1 championship ring from the 2012 NBA finals against OKC. Heat won 4-1 against OKC. The date LeBron won this ring was 6/21/12. CONGRATULATIONS Miami Heat! In my opinion this is going to be one of the many rings LeBron will earn.