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Yes, he did. Dale Jr's father, Dale Sr., was a seven-time Nascar Cup Series champion and his grandfather, Ralph, was a very successful dirt track racer.

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Q: Did Dale Earnhardt Jr. come from a famous family of race car drivers?
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Is Frank Earnhardt a cousin to Dale Earnhardt Sr.?

No, Frank Earnhardt is not a cousin of Dale Earnhardt Sr. The only thing that they have in common is that they were both racing drivers.

What famous people are from North?

Dale Earnhardt Sr. ,Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Michael Jordan

What famous people are from North Carolina?

Dale Earnhardt Sr. ,Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Michael Jordan

What are 6 NASCAR drivers?

Dale Earnhardt Sr Dale Earnhardt Jr Jimmie Johnson Carl Edwards Richard Petty Mark Martin

What is Dale Earnhardt Jr. famous for?

His last name

Which NASCAR drivers live in North Carolina?

Most of the Nascar drivers live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Will Dale Earnhardt Jr win the championship?

He has as good a chance as the other drivers do.

What is Dale Earnhardt famous for?

Dale Earnhardt is famous for his involvement in stock car racing. He was a famous American race car driver and team owner, with a large fan-base all over the US.

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. have a family?

Yes. Dale Earnhardt Sr's current wife was Teresa Houston and he also had four children, Kerry, Kelley, Dale Jr., and Taylor Nicole.

What kid is the oldest in the Dale Earnhardt family?

No, he is not. Dale Sr. had four children, sons Kerry and Dale Jr. and daughters, Kelley and Taylor Nicole.

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale Earnhardt Sr's son?

Yes. Dale Jr. is the late Dale Earnhardt Sr's son.

When was Dale Earnhardt Sr's funeral?

There were two services held for Dale Earnhardt Sr. On February 21, 2001, there was a private family funeral. Then on February 22nd, Dale Sr. was publicly eulogized.