Did Cunningham play for the eagles?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Randall Cunningham played for the Eagles from 85-95 then he went to play on three other teams. (Vikings for 3 years, Cowboys for 1 year, and Ravens for his last year)

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Q: Did Cunningham play for the eagles?
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What NFL team does B.J. Cunningham play for?

B.J. Cunningham plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What position does B.J. Cunningham play?

B.J. Cunningham plays Wide Receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What NFL teams did Randell Cunningham play for?

Eagles, Vikings, Cowboys & Ravens

What is B.J. Cunningham's number on the Philadelphia Eagles?

B.J. Cunningham is number 89 on the Philadelphia Eagles.

After Ron Jurswski Philadelphia Eagles who was the quarterback?

Randall Cunningham

What is Randall Cunningham famous for?

Randall Cunningham is most famous for being an American football quarterback in the NFL. Randall Cunningham played for the Eagles, Vikings, Cowboys, and the Ravens.

What team is randall Cunningham on on madden 09?

he retired but his former teams were the vikings and the eagles.

Who was the Eagles quarterback before Cunningham?

Randall Cunningham joined the Eagles in 1985 but did not become #1 until Ron Jaworski was injured in Week 10 of the 1986 season. He became the full time starter in 1987 when Jaworski signed with the Miami Dolphins.

What has the author Randall Cunningham written?

Randall Cunningham has written: 'I'm still scrambling' -- subject(s): Biography, Football players, Philadelphia Eagles (Football team)

When do the Philadelphia eagles play?

The Eagles will play again in September 2012.

Who do the Philadelphia eagles play sunday?

The Eagles play the 49ers Sunday. the Eagles season is now over. They will play again in September 2012.

What NHL team does Craig Cunningham play for?

Craig Cunningham plays for the Boston Bruins.