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He had a wicked free kick, but would fall over as soon as anybody sneezed.

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Q: Did Cristiano Ronaldo have a good bad history?
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Did Cristiano Ronaldo have a goodbad history?

He has a good history on the pitch, but off it it is bad, with being a womeniser.

When Cristiano Ronaldo loses how does he feel?

He feels bad for the team

When did Cristiano Ronaldo start school?

He never went to school only.

Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend break up?

Yes they did, and Ronaldo reportedly sent her a text message to her saying it was over. Then she came out and told the press about Ronaldos bad habbits and obsessions.

How was Cristiano Ronaldo's performance today vs Bolton?

was .. bad , cheater , idiot too .. cost Bolton at least 1 point .

Did Cristiano Ronaldo make a bad choice by going to Real Madrid?

No he did not, as he is getting a better salary and Manchester made 80 million pounds.

Why does the press and media dislike Cristiano Ronaldo so much and make him look bad?

Because he thinks he is the best player in the world. He creates a certain ego.

Does France have good history?

History can not be good or bad.

What if you have bad work history?

get good work history

Is d-day good or bad?

It is a historic event - good or bad, it happened and is now part of history.

Is Kim good?

she is BAD. She is the worse skater in history

Is messi faster or ronaldo?

Typically it's more of an opinion, but here are some facts for both of them in La Liga.Lionel Messi: Has played 24 games, scored 28 goals, gotten 8 assists and has taken 123 shots.Christiano Ronaldo. Has played 24 games, scored 29 goals, gotten 7 assists and taken 157 shots.So as you can see their stats are almost identical except for shots, which Ronaldo is leading. This could be seen as good or bad. It's good because he's making shots for himself, but bad because it seems that he may be taking shots that he shouldn't or that his accuracy is low.Personally I think that Messi is a more well rounded player, as in passing and seeing opportunities. Ronaldo can be a one man shows sometimes which isn't exactly bad if he's affective, but if he's not it's very bad.Dribbling: Lionel Messi (is considered the greatest dribbler of all time along with Maradona and R9)Skills and Tricks: Ronaldo (is considered best in footwork)Goal scoring: Overall: EQUAL--> Long-range: Ronaldo--> Dribble goals: Messi--> Freekicks: Ronaldo--> Chipping: Messi--> Penalties: Ronaldo--> Backheel: Ronaldo--> Team-play goals: Messi--> Headers: Ronaldo (due to Messi's height disadvantage)--> Scoring Records: Messi (highest scorer in a single year in history with 91 goals in the year of 2012. Highest scorer of Champions League History and La Liga. Highest scoring record in one season (70 goals). At the age of only 27, he has 45 goals for his country)Assisting, Team play, and Playmaking: Lionel Messi (has record for most assists in La Liga history) Youtube: Lionel Messi � All 106 Assists in La Liga � NEW RECORDDefending: Both do very little for defensive contribution. No winner ...Physique: Ronaldo (has a near perfect body for a football player. He is one of the world's fastest & strongest players; and at 6 ft 1" tall, he has an advantage in aerial duels.)Ball Control: Lionel Messi Honors: Considered EQUAL.Source: messivsronaldo.netDiscipline (Qualitative): Messi is recognized as a player who and doesn't DIVE. There have only been a few instances in his career where he dived.Youtube: Lionel Messi never dives - Ultimate Compilation | HDOn the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo is criticized a lot because of his consistent diving in the gameYoutube: Cristiano Ronaldo Diving Manual - Part 1Discipline (Quantitative): Lionel Messi (Messi only has a single red card in his career, whereas Ronaldo has 9 red cards)That pretty much raps up the entire comparison of the two players. Both are superb players who will go down as the game's greatest.