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They fought in Pride in 2003 and Chuck Liddell lost to Jackson.

Then more recently Chuck Liddell lost the Light Heavyweight title to Rampage Jackson at UFC 71.

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Q: Did Chuck Liddell ever beat Rampage Jackson?
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Who has beat Chuck Liddell?

Keith Jardine, Jeremy Horn, Quinton Rampage Jackson (twice), Randy Couture, Rashad Evans and Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua have all defeated Chuck Liddell.

How many times has chuck liddell been knocked out?

chuck liddell has beat randy couture 2 out of 3 times he lost by tko to randy and beat randy twice by tko

Who can beat chuck liddell?

Base on his losses , anyone who can stand his blows

Did chuck liddell beat shogun rua?

No, he got knocked out in the first round, Gutted.

Did forest griffin beat rampage Jackson ror title?

yes unanimous decision victory over rampage

Will rashad evans be the champion again?

He's gotta get through Rampage first. If he beats Rampage, then he earns a shot at Shoguns belt. In my completely unbiased opinion, however, I think Shogun would dominate. I don't think he'll ever get another shot again. I doubt he'll get past Rampage, he's just not at that level. Everyone says "oh well he beat Chuck Liddell" well if you watch the fight Chuck was going for a punch at the same time and Rashad just got lucky and landed first.

What is Interim UFC Champion?

Chuck LiDell is when he beat rampage and forest griffen in two back to back fights.

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