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Q: Did Christiano Ronaldo play for Italy?
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Is christiano ronaldo a guy?

Christiano Ronaldo is a man

Where did christiano ronaldo begin his carea?

Cristiano Ronaldo's job is to play for Real Madrid. :)

What country does christiano ronaldo play for in 2012?

He plays for Portugal. :)

For which country does Cristiano Ronaldo play?

Portugal in the English League

Does christiano ronaldo play for Portugal?

Yes, he plays for Portugal and Real Madrid.

What team does Christiano Ronaldo play for during the year?

Real Madrid 2013

Who is better kaka or christiano ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo.

Is ronaldo french?

No Christiano Ronaldo is not from France but from Portugal.

What team does christianio ronaldo play for?

christiano Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid at club level at Portugal at National level.

Who did christiano ronaldo play for before he was signed to Manchester united?

Christiano Ronaldo is a product of the Youth Team of Sporting Lisbon, and it is also there where he began his professional player before joining Mancester United in 2003

Christiano Ronaldo has won how many soccer world cups?

Christiano Ronaldo has yet to win a world cup.

Is Erden Karso better than Christiano Ronaldo?