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Q: Did Chad Ochocinco mean for his number to say eight five?
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Is chad ocho cinco's real last name ocho cinco?

no, his real name is chad johnson. he changed it to ochocinco, (eighty five in spanish, his jersey number), since he is that much of a fan of himself. (:

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Yes, it is.

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The number is -13.

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The numbers three, seven and eight all have five letters

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Five thousand eight hundred twenty three?

that is a number

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The number in the US is a faux phone number that should not be assigned to any user (has a 555 prefix).It is spoken as "one, eight eight eight, five five five, one two one two").In the US (short scale) the number 18,885,551,212 would be eighteen billion, eight hundred eighty-five million, five hundred fifty-one thousand, two hundred twelve.

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