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Yes. According to author Jim White, Manchester United fans had "no problem" singing the anthem in the 1970s until it came to be viewed as a "musical symbol of Scouseness" and their rival's ongoing success, at which point they began to parody it.

F--k off, F--k off

With an 'ole in your a--e

And You'll Never Walk Again

Upon hearing this version at the 1977 F.A. Cup Final, match commentator John Motson erroneously announced to television viewers "And indeed it's the Liverpool anthem 'You'll Never Walk Alone' that's being sung, ironically by the Manchester United supporters." By the time of the 1983 F.A. Cup Final, six years later, Man Utd supporters were themselves confused. While thousands of old school fans belted out the mock anthem, a small fresh faced element joined in with Brighton & Hove Albion fans, singing instead "You'll Never Walk Alone", seemingly not appreciating the difference. Later versions took aim at Liverpool's unemployment and economic decline.

A story circulated in 2004 tells of Manchester United fans singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" shortly after the Munich Air Disaster in 1958. This is not taken seriously by sports historians who can find no evidence in support of the claim.

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Sports historians say there is no evidence of any fans singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" before Liverpool F.C. in 1963.

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celtic did LFC Fans are from Norway

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Q: Did Celtic fans sing you ll never walk alone before Liverpool fans?
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There is solid evidence that Liverpool were the first to sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" in the year 1963.See:Which_soccer_club_was_the_first_to_sing_You'll_Never_Walk_Alone

Did Celtic sing youll never walk alone in 1953 after beating hibs in coronation?

Aberdeen, Celtic and Hibernian have all sung it. There is anecdotal evidence of Rangers supporters singing it, though hard evidence is thin.

Is youll never walk alone a Liverpool or Celtic song?

Sports historians say Liverpool fans were the first to sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" in 1963.See:Which_soccer_club_was_the_first_to_sing_You'll_Never_Walk_Alone

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blue moon-man city :) forever blowing bubbles-west ham you,ll never walk alone-liverpool :> and the scottish you,ll never walk alone-celtic ;) Celtic is sh*te btw rangers til i die

What is Liverpool motto?

You'll never walk alone!

What is better man you glory or Liverpool never walk alone?


What soccer team's fans sang you will never walk alone?

You'll Never Walk Alone is most immediately associated with Liverpool Football Club.It is also associated with Ipswich Town, Leeds United, Sunderland, Celtic, Feyenoord and FC Twente.

Who sings You'll Never Walk Alone better Celtic or Liverpool?

That is a subjective judgement. Both sets of supporters can sing the song extremely well on big match occasions.

What do the fans do before a Liverpool Football Club game?

Hold their scarves in the air, and sing, You'll Never Walk Alone.

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