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ali retired after regaining the wba title from leon spinks. john tate outpointed gerry coetzee over 15 rounds for the vacant belt.

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Q: Did Cassius Clay retire with heavyweight title?
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Who won the Heavyweight title from Sonny Liston in 1964?

Yes he stopped Patterson in the 1st round to win the Title in 1962.

Why did Muhammad Ali change his name?

to convert to Islam and it is not taught in all schools.

Did Cassius Clay win the heavyweight title from Sonny Liston in 1964?

Yes, on February 25, 1964 in Miami, Florida.

Which heavyweight champion is known as Cassius clay?

Muhammad Ali. This is the name taken on by Cassius Clay when he converted to Islam.

Which boxer gained international attention as the light heavyweight champion in the 1960 Rome Olympics?

Cassius Clay.

What year did Cassius Clay fight in the Olympics?

He won the gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the 1960 Games in Rome.

How many world title fights did Muhammad Ali box in under his original name of Cassius Clay?

Clay/Ali fought in only one professional title fight as Cassius Clay. February 25, 1964 Clay beat Sonny Liston (Liston quit on his stool due to a shoulder injury in the 7th Rd)to become the World Heavyweight Champion. He then changed his name to "Muhammad X" and then Muhammad Ali before his rematch with Liston on May 25, 1964 (Ali won this fight with a 1st Rd KO).

Is Cassius Clay single?

No, Cassius Clay is not single.

What religion was Cassius clay?

Cassius clay was Buddhism

What are the release dates for World Heavyweight Championship Bout Charles 'Sonny' Liston vs- Cassius Clay - 1965?

Sonny Liston vs- Scrap Iron Johnson - 1968 was released on: USA: 1969

Who was Cassius clay cousin of Henry Clay?

Cassius Clay was actually Henry Clay's Nephew

When did Cassius Clay get married?

Cassius Clay married to Sonji Roi in 1964 Cassius Clay married to Belinda Boyd in 1967 Cassius Clay married to Veronica Porché Ali in 1977 Cassius Clay married to Yolanda Williams in 1986