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Yap, Batista banged Candice Michelle hardcore. He has also dated Melina, Kelly Kelly and Christy Hemme.

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No, Michelle McCool is on Smackdown and Batista is on Raw.

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Q: Did Candice Michelle ever date Batista?
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Has Candice Michelle ever kissed Torrie Wilson?

yes once on raw

How old is Candice Michelle as of 2006 would she ever consider dating a black man if he lived up to her standards and does Bryant Polk have a chance with her or would she prefer someone younger?

Candice Michelle (Candice Michelle Beckman), will be aged 28 as of 2006. Her birthday is - the September 30, 1978. I do not know the answer to the rest of the question, although Candice is married to Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlic, a former weightlifter-turned chiropractor who specializes in sports injuries and nutrition in West Los Angeles.

Has Dave Batista ever date a diva?

Yes. He has dated Melina and Kelly Kelly.

Has torrie Wilson ever been heel?

Actually she was once heel when her, Candice Michelle, and Victoria were friends. She also might have been heel with Stacy Keibler but I'm not sure. But I'm almost positive that she was heel with Candice and Victoria

Which one is hotter Candice Michelle or maria or mickie James?

for me Mickie is the hottest woman over the world and Candice is second, Maria is a bit boring coz she has small boobs... Maria is my 10th fav from WWE divas and i heard that Mickie is the diva with the current biggest natural boobs in WWE that makes me love her more ^^ HOTTEST EVER WOMAN (and Candice SECOND HOTTEST EVER WOMAN)

Is ever batista has given john cena a batista boom?

Yes Many Time

Did batista ever kiss a girl?

yes beause on youtube Melina and batista kissed

Did batista ever faced the rock?

i think they are

Will Batista return at WrestleMania 25?

I am not sure, but what I would want is for who ever faces undertaker get injured, let batista replace and let batista end the streak.

Has Dave batista ever visited Greece?

yes he has

Has Batista ever been the WWE champion?


Has batista ever dated black woman?