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Yes, at UFC 91 on Novermber 15, 2008 for the UFC Heavyweight Championship and Brock beat Cotoure by TKO via punches at 3:07 of the second round.

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Q: Did Brock lesnar and randy couture ever fight?
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Who did brock lesnar fight to become ufc world heavyweight champion?

When was this asked? Brock is gone! He talked to Vince about returning, but has since, changed his mind, he isn't coming back for a very longtime, if ever. If you're talking about New Japan Lesnar's Debut, yes he won the title Brock Lesnar has held the following recognized World Championship ; IWGP Heavyweight Title(Japan), WWE Championship(3 times), and is also the current UFC Heavyweight Champion.

How old was randy couture when he fought brock lesner?


Hello tunes codes WWE songs?

randy orton

Did brock lesnar beat all the ufc fighters?

Actually No. Lesnar has lost 3 of his 7 fights in the UFC. His losses were against the following 3 fighters: a. Frank Mir - His first fight in the UFC b. Cain Velasquez - Lost the UFC Heavyweight Title c. Alistair Overeem - Retired after this fight He also won 4 fights in the UFC including his win against Randy Couture which made him the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Who did lesnar fight for the UFC title?

Brock Lesnar had a fairly short UFC Career. It spanned 7 fights and close to 4 years. He retired at the end of his last fight in December 2011 with a UFC win-loss record of 4 wins and 3 losses. He was also the "UFC Heavyweight" champion and defended it twice before losing it. His matches were with the following fighters: a. Frank Mir (Lost) b. Heath Herring (Won) c. Randy Couture (Won the UFC Heavyweight Title) d. Frank Mir (Defended the title) e. Shane Carwin (Defended the title) f. Cain Velasquez (Lost the Title) g. Alistair Overeem (Lost the match and Retired)

Who won between randy couture and mark Coleman today?

The fight between Randy Couture and Mark Coleman was the main-event of the UFC 109 event that was held on Feb 6, 2010. Randy Couture defeated Mark Coleman via submission (rear naked choke) in the second round. The fight was highly anticipated and as expected Randy "The Natural" couture was able to win the match.

Who was the highest paid fighter fighter in the world ever?

His name is whelvayne,.The only man who defeated manny pacquiao,,He is from pasil cebu city, phillipines...

What is the birth name of Randy Couture?

Randy Couture's birth name is Randy Duane Couture.

What were the results of SmackDown 9.5.02?

Rey Misterio defeated Billy Gunn WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, defeated Randy Orton

Will Fedor Emelianko fight Brock Lesnar?

Affliction will probably only have one more show left, Fedor vs Barnett. After that it is possible that Fedor could come the the UFC, to fight Brock Lesnar, or possibly whom ever the heavy weight champ is, or maybe even Randy Couture. BUT, his management has had some crazy demands from the UFC in the past, like trying to get the UFC/Zuffa to pay for a sports stadium in Russia, and the UFC has never created a one fight contract before, and Fedor is more popular in Japan than in America, so he could easily go back there to fight. So basically, in my opinin, the chances of this happening are about 25% yes and 75% no. Sources: Dana White interviews,

Lesnar and Mirr both have heavy weight belts so who is the actual heavy weight champ?

Lesnar. Frank Mir is the interim HW champ. Randy Couture was the champion but was about to wait out his contract with the UFC so Noguiera-Sylvia was signed for the vacant title. However, Couture ended up coming back while Nog still had the interim belt. Couture lost he title to Lesnar and Nog lost to Mir so Mir and Lesnar will unify the belts oat UFC 100

How much does randy couture make per fight?

Randy Corture makes 250k per fight plus a bonus if he wins the fight and the way he wins the fight. For example Randy Corture vs Brock Lesnar Corture gets his 250k base and he wins by KO he makes an extra 100khopes this helps.His disclosed pay is always around $250,000 but makes upwards of 1,000,000 total per fight after his cut of the pay per view and bonuses. The althletic commissions disclose the fighters official pay after the events they fight in, but only the UFC knows how much they give their tops guys with extras. The only reason we know how much randy gets is because in his legal battle with the UFC in 2008 all that information became public.