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Yes, he was my next door neighbor.

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Q: Did Brett Favre ever live in Massachusetts?
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Does deanna favre live with Brett Favre?

yes she does

Where does Brett Favre live?

Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

What town does Brett Favre live in?

Hattiesburg, MS

Where does Brett Favre live in minnesota?

Eden prairie

What city does Brett Favre live in?

He lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Where does Brett Favre live when he's not playing football?

He lives in Kiln, Mississippi.

How do you get Brett Favre on Madden 10?

you must have xbox live and when you sign in you need to update your rosters and when you do every thing that has happened since the game came out will update such as you will have Brett favre and mike Vick.

Who is the best football player a live?

messi who lays for bacelona and agentina FireElf: Brett Favre : )

What town does Brett Favre live in New Jersey?

He lives in Morristown, NJ. He lives in Morristown, NJ.

How does Brett Favre get to practice if he lives in Mississippi?

He does not live in Mississippi, so by mathematical definition the question is not even posed.

When does Brett Favre go live on the news?

There is no date that can be found for a specific time or date Brett Favre will be going live on any news stations. He most typically is found to give interviews during the preseason, before and after games during the season, and in the event of public scrutiny of his personal life.

Is Brett Favre in Madden 10?

Yes-Brett Favre, (and Michael Vick) will be included in an August 19 Madden '10 roster update via XBox Live. EA spokeperson Rob Semsey has informed theCicago Sun Times that Favre will have an overall rating of 82. No you cant get Brett farve for psp by completing the superstar challenge so don't waste your time.

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