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no Bj skipped college but hes gettin an education

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Q: Did Brandon jennings play for Kentucky?
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What NBA team does Brandon Jennings play for?

Brandon Jennings plays for the Detroit Pistons.

Did Brandon jennings come out of high school?

Brandon Jennings went to play in Italy and never went to college.

Is Brandon jennings in illuminati?

no brandon jennings is not in it

What is Brandon Jennings son name?

Brandon Jennings son's name is Legend Jennings

Where does Brandon jennings live?

Brandon Jennings lives in St. Francis, WI.

When was Brandon Jennings born?

Brandon Jennings was born on September 23, 1989.

What is Brandon Jennings's birthday?

Brandon Jennings was born on September 23, 1989.

Who are Brandon jennings cousins?

greg jennings

What position does Brandon League play?

Brandon Jennings plays point guard for the Detroit Pistons.

What is Brandon Jennings's number on the Detroit Pistons?

Brandon Jennings is number 7 on the Detroit Pistons.

What team did Brandon jennings play for before Milwaukee bucks?

Lottomatica Roma of the Italian Lega A.

How long did Ray Allen play on the Milwaukee Bucks?

He is still on the bucks in the spirit of Brandon Jennings