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Yes he did he was one of the first defenseman in history to win a NHL scoring title.

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Q: Did Bobby Orr win a scoring title?
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Who was the last nhl defenseman to win scoring title?

bobby orr

Who was the first defenseman to win the NHL scoring title with 120 points in one season?

Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins in the 1969-70 season.

What years did bobby orr win Stanley cups?

1970 and 12972

When did Bobby Orr win the Stanley Cup?

Orr won 2 Stanley Cups with the Boston Bruins: 1970 and 1972

How many Stanley cups did Bobby Orr win?

he has 2 Stanley cups

Did Bobby Orr ever win mvp?

Orr won 3 consecutive Hart Memorial Trophies as the NHL's mvp from 1970-72.

Did bobby orr win a stanley cup?

He won several while a member of the Boston Bruins.

What awards did Bobby Orr win?

Bobby Orr won the following awards: Rookie Of The Year,Defencive player of the year lots of times, most points by a defenceman. He also was one of the very few that start at 18

Did bobby Jackson win NBA title?

Bobby Jackson never won a title in his 12 year NBA career.

How many times did Michael Jordan win the scoring title?

6 times

Who was the only basketball player ever to win ncaa aba and nba scoring title?

No player ever won an National Collegiate Athletic Association scoring title, American Basketball Association scoring title, and National Basketball Association scoring title. ABA (1967-1976) scoring title winners were Connie Hawkins, Larry Jones, Spencer Haywood, Dan Issel, Charlie Scott, Julius Erving (three times), and George McGinnis. None of those players ever won a scoring title in the NBA.

How many Norris trophies did Bobby Orr win?

8: 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975

Did jj reddick win ncaa scoring title?

No his senior year Adam Morrison edged him out.

Who was the youngest professional sport athelete to ever win the scoring title?

I believe it was Crosby or Gretzky correct me if i am wrong.

When did Bobby Orr score the winning goal against the Blues?

It was in May 1970. The win completed a 4-0 sweep of the Blues in the Stanley Cup Finals.

How long did Bobby Orr go to school?

Bobby Orr completed high school, and joined the Bruins the same year he graduated. He played juniors from age 14-18 and attended the local high school and skipped practices for school purposes, only participating in games, and still managed to win numerous awards in that league.

Who was the only hockey player to win the scoring title then be traded before the start of the next season?

Jaromir Jagr in 2001

Who was the first to win a scoring and assist title in the same NBA season?

Oscar Roberton of the Milwaukee Bucks in the 70's

Who was the last Toronto maple leaf to win the nhl scoring title?

Gordie Drillon - A good old New Brunswick Boy - back in 1938

What is better an assist or scoring in basketball?

Scoring because it makes you win better then to lose.

How do you win in football?

You win in football by scoring more points then the other team.

As of 2006 who is the shortest player to win a scoring title in the NBA?

I'm not sure but i think it's Allen Iverson pch answer: Nate Archibald

How can you win volleyball?

You win at volleyball by scoring more points than the other team.

Did bobby clamett win US Open?

Bobby Clampett didn't win much, he didn't win the US Open but his best finish was t3 in 1982.

What is the value of the actual stick used by Derek Sanderson which made the pass to Bobby Orr when he scored the famous goal to win the 1970 Stanley Cup?

I'm sure the hockey hall of fame would pay a pretty penny for the stick. They have the stick Bobby Orr used to score the famous goal and I am sure they would like to display the stick used by Sanderson that made the assist right next to it. I would say $50,000 - $75,000, easy.