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Twice as a player/coach with the Boston Celtics (1967-68 and 1968-69). He also was head coach of the Seattle Supersonics and Sacramento Kings but did not win a championship with either team.

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Q: Did Bill Russell win a championship as a head coach?
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Who was the first black head coach in NBA?

Bill Russell, who was a player-coach for the Boston Celtics from 1966 to 1969. He was the first African-American head coach to win an NBA title, earning back-to-back championships in 1968 and 1969.

Who was the first black head coach of a major league pro sports team?

Bill Russell

Has there been another black head coach to win the NBA championship?

Bill Russell won two NBA Championships as head coach and star player for the Celtics in 1967-68 and 1968-69. Also, KC Jones, Russell's college and Celtics teammate, won either one or two championships , also with the Celtics, in the 1980s. (1983-84 and 1985-86.

What NBA team did Bill Russell coach?

Bill Russell coached 3 different NBA teams Boston Celtics 1966 - 1969 (he was the 1st African American head coach in pro sports Seattle Supersonics 1973 - 1977 Sacramento Kings 1987 - 1988

Who was the Head Coach for the Boston Celtic's in 1967-68 Basketball Season?

The head coach of the Boston Celtic's in the 1967-68 season was Bill Russell. Bill was a former NBA player, and he was considered a 'legend'. When he retired he coached the Boston Celtics and many other teams.

Did an NBA player and coach ever win 2 or more NBA titles 1 or more as a coach and 1 or more as a player with the SAME TEAM?

1) Billy Cunningham won a title as a player for the 76ers in 1967 and as head coach of the 76ers in 1983. 2) Bill Russell was player coach for two of the Celtics titles in the late 1960s. 3) Pat Riley won a championship with the Lakers in 1972 and won 4 in the 1980s as Lakers' head coach.

Who has won the most championship games as a black NFL head coach?

I do not know his name , but it is the steelers coach

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach in 2005?

Bill Cowher was the head coach for the Steelers in 2005.

Who was the head coach for the cowboys in 2003?

Bill Parcells was the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in 2003.

Who was the NYG head coach in 1987?

Bill Parcells. He was the head coach of the Giants from 1983-1990.

Who was the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2005?

Bill Cowher was the head coach for the Steelers in 2005.