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Yes, he did. Bill Elliott drove the #11 Budweiser Ford for three Winston Cup seasons (1992-1994).

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2010-12-02 05:53:48
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Q: Did Bill Elliott drive a Budweiser Ford?
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Which car did Bill Elliott drive in the 1994 Daytona race?

In 1994, Bill Elliott drove the #11 Budweiser Ford for Junior Johnson, in both the Daytona 500 and Pepsi 400 Daytona races.

Did Bill Elliott ever drive the Budweiser car?

Back in the mid to late '80s and into the '90s, Bill Elliott did drive the Budweiser car. It was a Ford Thunderbird and it was #11. Bill Elliott ended his time with Melling and the #9 car in 1991 and started with Junior Johnson in the number 11 Budweiser car in 1992. He then opened the sponsorship in the McDonald's car #11 while with Jr.Johnson. 1992/1993/1994 Bill Elliott drove Ford Thunderbird Sponsored by Budweiser other sponsors years. 2004-2006 Various including but not limited to: McDonald's, Visteon, Stanley Tools, Auto Value Parts & Coors (Part Time Driver) 2001-2003 Dodge 1995-2000 McDonald's 1984-1991 Coors 1976-1983 Melling

Was the Budweiser Nascar car ever a Ford?

Yes. Junior Johnson ran Budweiser Fords in the late 80's Early 90's. Most famously, Bill Elliott ran a Budweiser Ford during the 1992 season, the season in which Elliott lost the Winston Cup by only 10 points to Alan Kulwicki.

What model of Ford car does Bill Gates drive?

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What make of automobile set the NASCAR speed record?

Bill Elliott holds the record for the fastest lap in Nascar, with a speed of 212.809. Bill set the record in qualifying, driving a Ford Thunderbird, at the Talladega Superspeedway in May 1987.

What is the number of the Budweiser car in NASCAR?

Kasey Kahne drove the #9 Budweiser Ford in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series from 2008 to October 16, 2010. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was the full time driver of the #8 Budweiser Chevrolet from 2000-2007.

Whose voice is in the new Ford truck commercial?

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What was the fastest time in NASCAR auto racing?

The fastest time in NASCAR history was recorded in a Ford Thunderbird in 1988. The car was driven by Bill Elliott during qualifying at Talladega Superspeedway.

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Did Jeff Gordon ever drive a Ford in a Nascar race?

Jeff Gordon did drive a Ford in the Busch Series (now known as the Nationwide Series) for Bill Davis Racing in 1991 and 1992. Jeff never drove a Ford in the Nascar Cup Series.

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