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He dropped the ball thereby allowing the 1986 mets to go on to win the World Series

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Q: Did Bill Buckner win the World Series?
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What redsox first baseman missed a ground ball to secure game 6 series win for the NY Mets?

Bill Buckner

Did goose skowron win a MVP in a World Series?

No. Bill 'Moose' Skowron played in 8 World Series but did not win an MVP award.

If you win the World Series do you get a ring?

Yes, players get rings when they win the World Series

If visiting team wins game 1 of the world series how many win the World Series?

In order to win the World Series you have to win 4 games. It's a best of 7 series.

Who was the winning pitcher in Games 6 of the 1986 World Series?

Game 6 of the 1986 World Series was won by the New York Mets, beating the Boston Red Sox 6-5. The winning pitcher was Rick Aguilera who entered the game in relief in the 9th inning. This was the game that Bill Buckner made a costly error to enable the Mets to win the game in 10 innings.

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they will definitly win the World Series GO BRAVES!!!!!!

Who is going to win the 2010 World Series?

The san francisco giants will win the world series 2010!!!!!

Who will in 2009 World Series?

The Yankees will win 2009 World Series

Are the Tigers going to win the World Series?

THey may be down 2 games, but they will win the 2012 World Series!

Did the Giants win the 2010 World Series?

Yes. The San Francisco Giants did win the 2010 World Series

Why did Bill Dickey go to Baseball Hall of Fame?

He helped the yankees win 5 strait world series titles

Who hit a walk-off home run to win the World Series?

Bill Mazeroski in 1960 and Joe carter in 1993

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