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Q: Did Barry Sanders play on a midget league football team?
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What are Barry Sanders kids names?

Barry Sanders is an American athlete who played for the Detroit Lions in the National Football League. He has four children, Barry, Nicholas, Nigel and Noah.

What are some of the best football videos?

barry sanders highlights

What are the names of barry sanderes kids?

Barry Sanders has three children with his current wife, but their names are not public. However, from a previous relationship Sanders has a son named Barry James Sanders, who is committed to play football at Stanford.

Who is the best pro football running back ever?

Barry Sanders

How did Barry Sanders become famous?

he became famous for joining football

When did Barry Sanders sign his first contract with the Lions?

Barry Sanders was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004.

Who is on the cover of NCAA football 13?

Robert Griffin 3 and Barry Sanders

Why was Barry Sanders important person to kansas?

because he was a famous football player

Who is the best running back in the history of football?

barry sanders and gale seyers

Who holds the record for touchdowns in a college football season?

Barry Sanders with 39.

Who has the fastest 40 time in college football?

Barry Sanders; he ran a 3.95

Are Barry Sanders related to bob sanders?

No it is a coincidence that they have the same last name.