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Ruth set a World Series record that still stands when he went 14 innings for the Boston Red Sox in Game 2 on October 9, 1916, beating the Brooklyn Dodgers 2-1. He even drove in one of Boston's runs, the New York Times noted, when Brooklyn second baseman George Cutshaw juggled a grounder in the third inning, allowing Everett Scott to score.

No one ever really talks about Game 2 of the 1916 World Series anymore, though it's a great story. The day after it happened, the New York Times described the game as "the most thrilling world's series battle ever fought."

It was Ruth's first start in a postseason game, as the 21-year-old southpaw had been kept in reserve for the 1915 World Series after going 18-8 with a 2.44 ERA that season. Robert Creamer explained in his signature Ruth biography that Red Sox manager Bill Carrigan had elected to primarily use right-handed pitchers in the 1915 Series against Philadelphia and its slugger Gavvy Cravath who had hit 24 homers in the regular season, best in the modern era to that point. Ruth got one pinch-hit appearance in the Series while Boston won 4-1 and kept Cravath homer-less with a .125 batting average.

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Q: Did Babe Ruth set any world series records while pitching for the Red Sox?
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