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Q: Did Babe Ruth ever hit 4 home runs in one regular season game?
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Why did Babe Ruth do drugs?

There are no reports that Babe Ruth ever took illegal drugs.

Did Babe Ruth plan suicide?

There are no records to indicate that Babe Ruth ever planned to commit suicide.

Did Babe Ruth ever stike out most at bats in a single season?

Yes, Babe Ruth led the American League in strike outs in 5 different seasons (1918, 1923, 1924, 1927, 1928).

Did babe Ruth ever do drugs?


Did babe ruth ever go to college?


Did Babe Ruth ever have competetion?

Babe Ruth had great competition from New York Yankees teammate Lou Gehrig.

Did Babe Ruth ever bunt?

Babe Ruth bunted 113 times during his career, and most of these were sac bunts.

Is Babe Ruth the best player ever?

Many people say he is. But whether he is or not Babe Ruth will always be remembered as a great legend.

Did Babe Ruth ever play shortstop?

No. Babe Ruth never played Shortstop. He did play the outfield, pitcher, and first base.

What Babe Ruth did?

Babe Ruth was the best baseball players ever. he had the leading home runs. adn everbody knows him. who does not like him.

Did Babe Ruth ever have a job?

He worked on a farm

Who is best right fielder ever?

Babe Ruth

Did Babe Ruth ever get in a pickle?

Once and awhile.

Who is more famous Babe Ruth or Homer Simpson?

Babe Ruth! One of the greatest baseball players who ever lived, along with Hank Aaron!

Is Babe Ruth the best baseball player ever?


Who was named the best baseball player ever?

Babe Ruth

Who is the greatest baseball player to ever live?

Babe Ruth

Did Babe Ruth ever switch baseball teams?


Who was the best outfielder ever?

Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth

Did Babe Ruth ever play for the saint lewis cardinals?


Did Babe Ruth ever hit an inside the park home run?

According to the Baseball Page, Babe Ruth hit 10 inside the park home runs. Click on the 'Babe Ruth' link below to read this article that details many of Ruth's feats in MLB.

What was the most Babe Ruth ever made?

Babe Ruth made $80,000. a year in 1930, and 1931 with the New York Yankees. The highest salary in his career.

Did babe Ruth ever play the St. Louis Cardinals?


What did Babe Ruth do for baseball?

he was the greatest basketball player who ever lived

What is the furthest home run Babe Ruth ever hit?