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Q: Did Andy Pettitte win each series clinching game in the 2009 postseason?
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Where does Andy Pettitte rank for most career postseason losses?

Through the 2009 season, Pettitte is tied with Randy Johnson for 3rd most postseason losses.Tom Glavine has 16 postseason losses (record is 14-16) and Greg Maddux has 14 postseason losses (11-14).Johnson's postseason record is 7-9 and Pettitte's is 18-9.

How many pitchers have won clinching game of division series LCS and world series in same year?

2 ... Derek Lowe of the 2004 Boston Red Sox and Andy Pettitte of the 2009 New York Yankees.

Did Andy Pettitte pitch in the 2009 playoffs for the New York Yankees?

Pettitte was the Yankees most consistent pitcher throughout the year and through the playoffs. He went 4-0 in the 2009 postseason, beating the Twins and Angels once and the Phillies twice in the World Series

Which major league pitcher holds the record for the most wins in the postseason?

As of 2009, Andy Pettitte holds the record for most career postseason wins with 18.

How many World Series wins does Andy pettite have?

Pettitte, who won two games in the 2009 World Series for the New York Yankees, has a 5-4 career record in the Fall Classic. He holds the record for most postseason victories with 18.

Who was the winning pitcher in the last game of the 2009 World Series?

Andy Pettitte

What was Derek Jeter's 2009 World Series batting average?

He had a .344 average for the 2009 postseason.

Which members of the 2009 Yankees played in the 2000 World Series?

The Core FourDerek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, and Mariano Rivera all played in the 2000, and the 2009 World Series.

How many games did Andy Pettitte win in 2009?

In 2009, Andy Pettitte won 14 games, while pitching for the Yankees.

Which MLB team has never won a postseason series?

Through the 2009 season, that is the Texas Rangers franchise. They have made the postseason three times and lost all three times to the Yankees.

What MLB pitcher has the most hits in a postseason?

The most home runs hit in a single postseason is eight. This was done by three players.Barry Bonds - San Francisco Giants (2002)Carlos Beltran - Houston Astros (2004)Nelson Cruz - Texas Rangers (2011)

Did Andy Pettitte remain with the New York Yankees for the 2009 season?

Yes, Andy Pettitte pitched for the Yankees the entire 2009 season and returned in 2010.