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There was no Olympics during World War 2, they were all canceled so no countries participated.

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Q: Did America participate in Olympics during World War 2?
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Were there Olympics during the World Wars?

No they were no Olympics during world war 1 or 2

Countries in the world that participate in the olympic summer games?

The whole world participates in the Olympics summer games.

What city hosted the Olympics during World War 2?

Berlin, Germany, hosted the Olympics during World War II.

What countries participate in world war 2?

america japan germany

What happened to the Olympics during the war?

the Olympics were not held during world war one or world war two:) by Ashlee Jade Hallas

Why are the Olympics held in a different cities?

so people who live around the world, can participate. if that city where Olympics are held, is near to those people who really wanted to participate then they'll be happy because if it's far away then they won't be able to participate or go to that country or city where the games are held.

Did the ancient Greece do the Olympics because it was healthy for the men?

No it wasnt because they wanted to be healthy or olympics was healthy it was because women werent llowed to participate back in time when olympics was first a world heritage.

Why Olympics is closed during world war?

The olympics was closed during world war because in every game we might fight with each other or play roughly

Where was the Olympics going to be held during world war 2?

The Olympics were canceled in 1940 and 1944 on account of World War II.

What are the release dates for Winter Olympics '80 The World Comes to America - 1980 TV?

Winter Olympics '80 The World Comes to America - 1980 TV was released on: USA: 12 January 1980

Did the Olympics take place during World War 1?

No, the 1916 Olympics was cancelled because of WWI.

Why weren't the Olympics held in 1916?

The Olympics were suspended during 1916 because of World War 1

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