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No he did not get traded back to the 76ers. He left the Memphis Grizzles, released from his contract and then signed with the 76ers.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-27 03:33:40
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Q: Did Allen Iverson get traded back to the 76ers?
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Who is Allen Iverson?

Allen Iverson is a Basketball player who plays in the NBA for the Pistons The pistons traded chauncey billups, and cheki samb also, antonio mcdyess but they got him back. And you know this is right ,so don't change it!!!Allen Iverson is a NBA basketball player who plays for the Detroit Pistons.

Why does Allen Iverson live in Europe?

No NBA teams want him after he was traded back to philly, then he is now playing in turkey for god sake.

Why did Allen Iverson go to the Denver Nuggets?

They could not afford his salary. A player of that much skill and talent needed a higher salary, and the 76ers did not have that kind of money, so the Denver Nuggets bought him out..........Allen Iverson was on the last year of his Nuggets contract, and Denver traded him to the Detroit Pistons for Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess, and Cheikh Samb; Antonio McDyess chose not to play with the Nuggets, so they let him go, and the Pistons got him back.

Why isn't Allen Iverson playing in the playoffs?

his back hurts

Why is Allen Iverson going back to Philly?

Because he was a free agent

Why did Allen Iverson leave the nba?

I Lovee Allen Iverson Oh So Much..Maddyson Candice>>> And Watever Happen To Him They Need To Get Him Back Cocky Or Not He's A Great Player AWESOME

When did Allen Iverson retire?

He retired in 2009 and came back a few weeks later.

Did Allen Iverson retire?

He retired in 2009 and came back a few weeks later.

Why did Allen Iverson sign a contract with Turkey?

Because in turkey there's not basketballer like Allen Iverson. He's know that and he wants to go back to NBA. But that's not easy. He wants to prove himself and go back to NBA.

What position did Allen Iverson play in highschool football A- Running Back B- quarterback C- Wide Receiver D-kick or punt returner?


Which NBA basketball team won the first NBA champoinship?

the 76ers back in 1947 they were known as the warriors back then

Who should you drop turkoglu or iverson. I have Josh howard on IR and I'd like to get him back in my line up?

Drop iverson, because once he left denver they went to the national championship and were destroying every team in-sight. Also when he was in detriot he didnt have much success either. And now he's on the 76ers? Cmon he's not goin to make that team any better. Please give me some point! :D

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