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No, he played for the Oklahoma Sooners.

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Q: Did Adrian Peterson play for boise state broncos?
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When was Boise State Broncos football created?

Boise State Broncos football was created in 1933.

What is the nickname for the Boise State football team?

It's the Boise State Broncos.

Does Idaho have any pro sports teams?

Boise State Broncos and Boise for NCAA

Why is Boise famous today?

It is the capital of Idaho, and the Boise State Broncos (a good college football team) are from Boise.

What football teams have a horse as their mascot?

Boise State Broncos

Who was in the 2004 AutoZone Liberty Bowl?

Louisville Cardinals and the Boise State Broncos

What are Idaho sport teams?

There's the Boise State Broncos, Idaho Vandals, and the Idaho State Bengals.

How many games have the boise state broncos football team won at home?

I say 63 at home on the BLUE

What team was being played when Adrian Peterson broke his collarbone while scoring a touchdown?

Iowa State

Is the Boise State Broncos football team still a powerhouse football team?

The term "powerhouse" is subjective. Some deny that Boise State ever was, having never won a BCS National Championship title. However, Boise State is still an annually-ranked team in the Top 25 polls, and rarely loses. In 2012, Boise State finished 11-2, including a bowl victory over Washington.

When was the last time Oregon beat Boise State in football?

They never have. Boise State played Oregon at Eugene in 2008 for the first time, winning 37 to 32, then Oregon traveled to the famous blue turf in 2009, losing to the Broncos 8 to 19. The Broncos did play Oregon State for four seasons beginning in 2003, winning two and losing two. Interestingly, the Broncos consistently would win on the blue turf, but lose in Corvallis.

Is boise state university a state?

Boise State University is an university. It is not an state.

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