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If this is an amateur event, they work on best back nine, so that is net best score on the back nine, then back 6 if a tie still exists, then back 3, back 2 and back 1 until the tie is broken.

The rules state that if a tie still exists the competition committee will determine a way of breaking the tie, which sometimes includes drawing lots.

In professional competition and some high level amateur competition there is usually playoff holes which are player until one player outscores the other on a single hole.

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Q: Determine winner if score is level in stroke play golf?
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What is net strokes in golf?

For a round of golf, the net score for a player is their gross score minus their handicap. The net score for one hole is the gross for the hole, minus the strokes allowed for the hole. The stroke index for the hole and the players handicap is used to determine how many strokes you get, and on which holes.

Is it better to be low gross or low net to determine winner in a golf tournament?

Usually what is done is the best nett score is used so everyone in the competition has a fair chance of winning. What you can also have in this is a prize for the best gross as well. However, in scratch competitions the best gross is the only one used. I think that nett score is the best way to determine a winner because a 28 handicapper has no chance against a 0 handicapper. And whoever plays best in accordance with their ability is the rightful winner.

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How do you score with 28 handicap?

On the stroke holes 1-10, you will be given two extra shots. On the stroke holes 11-18, you will be given one extra shot. This adds up to 28 extra shots, which is your handicap. Please note that stroke hole 1 does not mean the first hole. Stroke hole 1 means the hardest hole on the course, and it should say on your scorecard what the stroke for each hole is. If you want your net score, take your gross score and subtract 28.

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