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11 players play on the field at one time. there are many variations in formations, each team has a goal keeper, There are typically 3 defenders, sometimes 4, maybe a sweeper position in the back right in front of the keeper, then there are midfielders, generally 3, who play all over the field and are essentially both defenders and forwards at the same time, then there could be 3 or 4 forwards whose job it is to attack the opponents goal and try to score. Then of course you have substitutes for any players that get tired or injured while playing.

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POSITIONS OF SOCCER FIELDS= ><Left Outside Midfielder >< Strikers>< Right Outside Midfielder>< ><2 Center MidFielders>< ><3 Defenders>< ><Sweeper>< <<<< GOALIE>>>> Well this is the format how I use to play when I played in Middle School and High school (for the school team), While in a different organzation(park and recreation) they use 3 forwards, 1 midfielder, 2 defense and 1 goalie (3-1-2-1)

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All teams use one goalkeeper and ten outfield players. You will also have about 11 players outside the game for substitions.

The outfield players may be organized in various ways. For most amateur teams, it's best to play 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3. These are different configs of the ten players, from defense to attack...

4-4-2: Two defenders, that play centrally and mostly take care of the strikers.

Two Full-Backs, that defend against the wingers and help break attacks when on defense, and advance strenghtening midfield and helping the wingers on attacks.

Two Central Midfielders, that defend in front of the area, help the full-backs when needed and do most of the organization, passing and ballkeeping.

Two Midfield Wingers, that defend against the adversary's full-backs and help your team's full-backs, also play the ball on flanks and try to take on the defense, swing crosses to the area and cut in to surprise the defenders.

Two Strikers, usually one stays slightly behind the adversary's defenders and tries to hold balls up and acts as some kind of attacking focal point (the centerforward, should be big, dominant in the air, strong), while the other is more mobile...

4-3-3: Similar defenders and full-backs, three Central Midfielders (that can obviously play in slightly more attacking roles) a central striker and two Lateralized Strikers/Attacking Wingers, that usually try to be more trick and speed than strength...

4-2-3-1: Similar defenders and full-backs, two central midfielders, two Midfield Wingers, a central striker and a Attacking Midfielder, a guy that plays a more attacking role, creating plays by doing good passes behind the defense (a Playmaker).

3-5-2: Three central defenders, two more attacking Full-Backs (Wing-Backs), two Central Midfielders, a Attacking Midfielder and two strikers.

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To pass the ball, and not be a ball hog. Use your team.

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Q: Describe the makeup of a typical soccer team?
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