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ridin bikes

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Q: Describe something healthy you enjoy doing?
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How do you quit something you enjoy doing?

Although it is not easy, the best way to quit something you enjoy doing, is to find something you enjoy about the alternative.

To like doing something meaning?

When someone says that they like doing something it means they want to do it. These people are happy when they are doing what they enjoy.

Something a flight attendant should enjoy doing?

Helping passengers.

What is moral fulfillment?

The positive feeling you get from doing something you approve of or enjoy.

What is the necessity of a hobby?

Something you enjoy doing on a constant and semi regular basis in your free time. So it's essential you have free time, and something you enjoy. It helps keep your mind healthy by doing something other that you have to, such as paid work. It creates a sense of achievement and well being, which is sometimes lacking in a paid job. It's a form of self imposed, occupational therapy, saving the devil making work for idle hands.

When to use like to?

When you enjoy doing something or something is pleasurable to you. such as "I like to dance" or if you want to do something such as "I would like to eat" :)

Name something a flight attendant has to enjoy doing?

Traveling and dealing with the public.

What are the benefits of baseball?

baseball can pay a high salary and you can enjoy doing something you love

Name something people enjoy doing under a tree?


How do you ask out a guy that doesn't know you like him?

Just ask him. Ask him do something you enjoy doing. Be yourself and if he likes doing things that YOU enjoy doing, he will want to hang out wih you. After a few invites he should be returning the call. :)

What your definition of fun?

Fun: something that you enjoy doing; something that brings you great joy. "Jilly was having fun on the computer."

What motivates you to select your area of studies?

Find something you enjoy doing, are curious to learn more about, and think you can contribute to. Also ask to join an employee who already does what you are going to study at work so you can see if this is something you can enjoy doing repetitively for years.