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Top spin is when you brush up on the ball with the racquet to make top spin. Top spin is used in tennis to make the ball drop onto the court so it will not go out of play. It is the most common used shot in tennis. It is very consistant.

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Q: Definition of top spin in tennis?
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What is tennis ball spin name?

Top spin, back spin... There's a few.

Who invented the top spin shot in tennis?

Vilas did!

What tennis Wii games are there?

Mario Tennis, Grand Slam Tennis, Virtua Tennis 2009, Top Spin 3

What is the best tennis game for the ps3?

Top Spin 3

What is the rotation of the ball called in tennis?

It is called spin, there are many forms of spin, * top spin * side spin (slice) * back spin

Is there cheats on top spin?

Answer Yes! Top-spin is very easy to add on a tennis shot! Making a loop really helps, and coming up ontop of the ball. Top-spin is a great shot and is sure to improve your game!

What is Top Spin 2?

It's a tennis game. The visuals are slightly above average, but the gameplay itself is quite good. Not as good as Top Spin 3 though, obviously!

What will be better Virtua Tennis 4 or Top Spin 4?

I have top spin 4 for a reason. I found it better than virtual tennis 4. I watched game play on both and preferred top spin 4 for a number of reasons. 1. When playing 2 player offline it has a split screen for tennis which i find very bad for concentration and focus when you have half a screen in your face but in top spin 4 they have done 1 big screen which is clever because 1 is a the back and the other is at the front which made a big difference 2. Top Spin is 3D compatible and PlayStation move. I can only think of 1 other game with both and that is kill zone 3. I would advise top spin 4 for any tennis fan

What are the different types of spins in tennis and when would you use them?

The different types of spin in tennis include: top spin, slice (under spin), and flat (no spin). Top spin is a favorite of the professionals. Top spin is primarily used for ground strokes, approach shots, and sometimes while serving. The beauty of top spin is that it makes the ball go high into the air, almost as if it is going to fly out, and then the top spin causes the ball to drop back in when it hits the ground. Plus, topspin causes the ball to bounce very high in the air. To hit top spin you brush your racquet from the bottom to the top of the ball. For example, think of the ball as a clock face. You brush from 6 o

What are the lingos used in the sports table tennis?

spin, bottom/top/side spin, paddle, loop, chop, serve, fault, let, and CHOOOO

The 2 basic strokes used in table tennis?

There are actually three basic strokes in table spin, block and push (or chop).

What are the 4 tennis strokes?

forehand, backhand,serves stroke, top spin, slice stroke. yes there are 5.

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