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It is the ability to react fast, especially when a player is under pressure. This technique and ability can be acquired through constant practice and giving your best to react properly in each situation.

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speed is a drug that makes you go hyper and kill all of your voices in your head, and eats horse radish

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Q: Definition of speed of reactions in sport?
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Why is speed important in sport?

Speed is not always important in sport. It's relative to the sport you are participating in.

Is it true or false catalysts speed chemical reactions but are not changed by them?

True. That's one of the reasons you use them.

What is an example of a sport focusing on speed?

The sport of auto racing focuses on speed.

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What substances change the speed of your reactions?

Catalysts accelerate chemical reaction. Enzymes are examples of catalysts that speed up reactions in the body.

What is a definition for a chemical reactions working together?


How can you change the speed of a reaction?

Temperature can change the speed of some reactions.

What term refers to protenis that speed up chemical reactions in living things?

Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions in the body.

Is soccer an extrme sport?

Though there is no official definition of an extreme sport, soccer would most likely not qualify as one. Extreme sports are considered to be those which involve elevated levels of danger. (heights, speed, stunts, etc.)

Do enzymes decrease the rate of chemical reactions?

No, they Increase the speed of chemical reactions

What is the definition of sport hunting?

Sport hunting is a sport when peeps ride horses and shoot deer and stuff