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A two point conversion is a play in football after you score a touchdown. Instead of kicking a field goal the team can choose to rush or throw the ball in from 10 yards. If they rush or pass it into the endzone without being tackled. The team gets 2 points

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Q: Define two point conversion
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Can you return a fumble on a two point conversion in nfl?

no. A two point conversion (and indeed a kick conversion) is blown dead when the 'failure is obvious' - including if the defence gets the ball on a interception or a fumble

Did the 1985 Chicago Bears ever use the two point conversion?

No. The two-point conversion play was disallowed when the AFL merged into the NFL and was not resurrected until 1994.

What is a two point con version?

Atwo point conversion occurs in American football when, after a touchdown, they usually kick a 1 point extra point. But the team has the option to either run or pass and they will receive 2 points for this. That is what a two point conversion is.

When was the first 2 point conversion in college football?

The modern-era two point conversion, by run or pass, started in 1958.

What is a conversion in football?

when you complete a series of downs to start another,for example,if it is 3rd down and 3 yards and you get it it is an conversion. A conversion can also mean a point after touchdown or a two point conversion after a touchdown.

What are two coordinates that make a positive slope?

Two coordinates define a point. You need two pairs of two coordinates to define two points and, therefore, a slope.

In football when do you go for a two-point conversion based on the score?

Click on the Related Links below for the NFL 2 point conversion chart.

Figure formed by the meeting of two lines in a point?

Angle. Also, two lines which intersect at a point can define a plane.

What is the point that helps to define an ellipse?

There are two points: the foci.

Give a line and a point not on the line how many planes do they define?

They define one plane. A line is defined by two points, and it takes three points to define a plane, so two points on the line, and one more point not on the line equals one plane.

When can a team attempt a two point conversion in the NFL?

After a touchdown

When can a team attempt a two point conversion in NFL?

If they are losing by two and the game is about to be over

How many points for a touchdown in arena football league?

there are 6 points for a conversion. if you make a field goal it is one point and a two point conversion is two. a safety is two points for the defense and then they get it back from a kickoff. (don't use a tee after a safety.)

If a two-point conversion is intercepted can it be run back for a touchdown?

No.In the NFL, if a pass is intercepted on a two-point conversion, the play is dead.In college football, if a pass is intercepted on a two-point conversion, the intercepting team is given the opportunity to gain as much yardage as they can. Should they run the ball all the way into the end zone, they are awarded two points.

Where is the line of scrimmage for a 2 point conversion?

two yard line same as an extra point A conversion attempt begins from the same place no matter what the offense chooses to do on that play.

Before 1960 what could you not do with a football?

Attempt a two point conversion

Why do they call the 2 point football scoring play a safety?

They don't, the two point conversion is simply named a two point conversion where after a team scores a touchdown they attempt to get into the endzone once again, a safety is when the offense has possession of the ball and they are stopped and tackled in their own endzone

What are two scientific terms that describe the conversion of a liquid to a gas or vapor below its boiling point?

The conversion of a liquid to a gas or vapor below its boiling point is called evaporation.

Can you return a fumble on a two point conversion in college football?

Obviously its two points for the returning team.

Who scored the last two point conversion in a Super Bowl?

Lance Moore

When is a two point conversion generally attempted?

A two point conversion is attempted after every time the team scores a try. I'm not a rugby expect, but in the normal league, there is 5-points awarded for a try, and an extra 2 if the conversion is scored, but in tournaments, I believe it is 4-points for a try and an extra 2 if the conversion is scored.~TS~

How many points are awarded for an extra point after touchdown?

If you kick the ball after a touchdown, it is one point. If the ball is passed in or ran in, then it is a two point conversion.

Can you always write the equation of a line if you know one point on the line?

You cannot define a line with a single point (a single point only defines itself). You need two points to define a line (and therefore to write the equation for it).

Who was the last player to score a two point conversion in the Super Bowl?

Kevin faulk

How many points is kicking the ball after a touchdown in football?

One point. The team also has an option to do a play after they score a touchdown, which is called a two point conversion. In this the team can run one pay in an effort to score two points instead of one point by kicking it through the uprights (the yellow poles in the endzone). So yes, Kick after touchdown, One point Two point conversion, Two points