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Pivoting is moving the hips, shifting your weight, and turning WITHOUT lifting up your pivot foot.

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Q: Define pivoting in basketball
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What its pivoting in basketball?

Pivoting is a technique in basketball where a player holding the basketball keeps one foot stationary while moving the other foot, it is often used to avoid traveling

Can you swing your elbows in basketball?

no unless you are pivoting

What is pivoting in basketball?

Pivoting is when you have the ball in your hands and you turn around in any direction with one foot still on the ground.

What are examples of a fulcrum?

center of a see-saw, pivoting foot in basketball...

To step with one foot and keep the other stationary in basketball?


What is the term in basketball to allow turning on a given point with 1 foot stationary?


What does pivoting mean in basketball?

When you keep one foot planted and move the other foot.

What is pivoting?

"Pivoting" is turning on a point.

What is a fixed point for pivoting?


What does pivoting mean?

turning. You can use it in speeches, saying Pivoting to another topic. or When you are talking about movement- He pivoted back and forth on his left foot.

How do you define basketball?

Basketball is a team game with five players on a side in which each player attempts to throw a large inflated ball through an elevated hoop.

What is a pivot in golf?

Pivoting your foot after your swing.

What is the muscle that is the agonist for pivoting the head?

the trapezius muscle

What class of lever is a skull pivoting on a vertebra?


Is a skull pivoting on vertebrae a lever?

yes of course

What is the term for the process of dynamically rearranging a PivotTable?


How many basketball courts are there in Noah's ark?

We can't really define how many there are because there's one in each school, parking lot and etc. So its hard to define that answer sorry!

Which has more mass an inflated basketball or a deflated basketball?

an inflated because it takes up more room than a deflated one It depends on how you define the basketball. If you define it as just the rubber, then the mass does not change when it is inflated. If you consider the air inside the ball to be part of the ball then adding more air adds more mass. Mass is "stuff". Air has mass because air is stuff.

What is meant by a pivot and why is it used in a game of basketball?

Pivoting is when you have the ball and moving one foot only while the other is foot is stationary so you can see around you. Since you cannot move when you have the ball withough dribbling, this gives you more options.

Flow chart for gaussian elimination with partial pivoting?


When moving your head how does your vertebrae move?

your atlas is pivoting around your axis

What is a pivoting joint?

I believe your wrist is one. Perhaps I'm incorrect.

Whats it called when you are holding the ball rotating on 1 foot?


What is the crane on a revolver?

The pivoting part that supports the cylinder is called the crane.

What are Pivotal joint?

The anatomical pivotal joints are used to provide aid in your pivoting. Hope this helps.

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