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In 1996 The Dallas Cowboys beat the Minnesota Vikings in the Wildcard Game of the playoffs, 40-15. Troy Aikman was the starting quarterback for Dallas, and was 19 of 29 for 178 yards. Jason Garrett also played in the game, and was 2 of 2 for 14 yards.

Dallas lost the following week to the Carolina Panthers, 26-17.

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Q: Dallas starting QB in 1996 playoff win?
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What is Dallas mavericks home playoff win record this season?

what s the dallas mavericks home playoff record this season

Who was the Dallas cowboys quarterback in their last playoff win?

Troy Aikman

What year did Tony Romo win a playoff game with dallas?


How many playoff wins in 1996 for Dallas Cowboys?

One. On December 28, 1996, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Minnesota Vikings, 40-15, in a first-round NFC playoff game at Texas Stadium. It was the Cowboys' last playoff win for 13 years. On January 9, 2010, Dallas returned to postseason prominence with a 34-14 NFC wild-card round victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Did cowboys win a playoff game in 2005?

No. The Cowboys did not win a playoff game between December 28, 1996 and January 9. 2010.

Who quarterbacked the Cleveland Browns to a playoff win over the Dallas Cowboys in 1969?

Bill Nelsen, who guided the Browns to a 38-14 playoff victory over Dallas on Dec. 28, 1969.

Did bill parcells win super bowl with the Dallas Cowboys?

No. The Dallas Cowboys haven't won a Super Bowl since January 1996. Parcells never won a playoff game as the team's head coach from 2003 to 2006.

How many playoff win do the Dallas Cowboys have?

They are 33-25 in playoff games entering 2010 - they have won five Super Bowls and lost three of them.

How many playoff games have the Dallas Cowboys won since 1992?

The Dallas Cowboys have won 13 playoff games since the 1992 season. They won 11 of those games between 1992 and 1996. The 12th win occurred after the 2009 regular season. The 13th came at the end of the 2014 season.

How many playoff games for the cowboys won since 2000?

One. On January 9, 2010, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 34-14, in a wild-card round playoff game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. It was the Cowboys' first playoff win since December 28, 1996.

How many years did the Dallas Cowboys go without a playoff win?

Thirteen seasons. The Cowboys' 34-14 playoff win over the Philadelphia Eagles on January 9, 2010 was their first since they defeated the Minnesota Vikings 40-15 on December 28, 1996. The Cowboys' latest playoff win was a 24-20 win over the Detroit Lions in a wild-card round contest at AT&T Stadium on January 4, 2015.

What is the longest losing streak in the nfl since a playoff win?

The Detroit Lions, Followed by an unexpected team, the Dallas Cowboys.

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