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Q: Dallas cowboy bradie James jersey number?
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What is Jesse holley dallas cowboy jersey number?

number 16

What Cowboy wears Jersey Number 54?

Linebacker Bruce Carter wears the number for the 2011 Dallas Cowboys.

What is Emmitt Smith's number?

This Dallas Cowboy's number was #22.

What number will dez Bryant wear with Dallas?

He is currently wearing jersey number 88 with the Dallas Cowboys.

What is Bradie Webb's official fan phone number?

WikiAnswers does not have an official fan phone number for Bradie Webb at this time.

What is the jersey number for Dallas Cowboys Murray?

Demarco Murray's number for the Cowboys is 29.

Number of dallas cowboy fans?

1 fan just Ciara lol but im serious

What jersey number did Steve savard wear with Dallas Cowboys?


Who on the dallas Cowboys team wear jersey number 42?

Defensive back Barry Church wears the number for the 2011 Dallas Cowboys.

Where can I find the Dallas Cowboy's roster list?

Click on the NO above the player numbers and it will put them in order by number

Who wears Dallas Cowboys jersey 8 in 2007?

That number was not used in 2007.

Who wears 54 jersey on the Dallas Cowboys Football Team?

Linebacker Bruce Carter wears that number for the 2011 Dallas Cowboys.