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Ronaldo gets 200,000 pounds a week at Real Madrid.

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2010-06-04 05:51:29
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Q: Cristiano Ronaldo wage at real Madrid?
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What is Cristiano Ronaldo's salary per year?

Cristiano ronaldo gets a weekly wage of 119,000 pounds per week. which translates into 6.2 million pounds, or about 11.3 million US dollars per yearSince moving to Real Madrid in 2009 he is currently the most expensive player ever to have lived; he was bought by Real Madrid from Manchester United for an astonishing $80,000,000 US dollars so he is currently getting paid $11 million US dollarsI think that recent reports have it at around 100,000 pounds per week

What football player has the highest wage?

Cristiano Ronaldo if u include sponsorships nd advertsing

How much is Christiano Ronaldo's wage at Real Madrid?

it is supposed to be around £200,000 a week. they give man utd and cRonald half a millon this is true.

How do you distinguish between money wage and real wage?

Real Wage = Money Wage / Price Index Real wage measures purchasing power, that is what an hour's labor can buy.

The real wage will rise if the nominal wage?

The real wage is the amount of money paid when adjusted for inflation. This wage will rise if the nominal wage rises.

How is real wages measured?

real wage is

Positive of becoming a sports agent?

You get a percentage of the players wage and 10% transfer. Also you can be the agent of multiple players but the players can't play for multiple clubs. (If Ronaldo goes to Real Madrid for 100m his agent gets 10m) You can also go to the games/ tournaments free and get a backstage pass to a lot of places. Although admittedly this is only on the highest level, at lower levels it's less worth it.

What is the difference between 'real wage' and 'nominal wage'?


What does the real wage represent?

the wage measured in dollars of constant purchasing power; the wage measured in terms of the quantity of good and services it buys.

What is a real wage?

individual's actual purchasing power

If real wage rate is 10.00 per hour and the price level is 60 what is the money wage rate?


What wage did Real Madrid pay for david beckham?

i think its $208,333.33 per game $2,314.81 per minute he's on the football field $38.58 per second he's on the football field (beware my answer is in dollars) thats an awful lot of money

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