Cover drive in cricket

Updated: 10/20/2022
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A shot played by the batsman through the cover area of the pitch ( 35 degrees- 70 degrees)

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Q: Cover drive in cricket
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How do you speak cricket commentary?

oh great shot by sachin tendulkar in the cover drive there is filder into the gap

Is cover a position in cricket?

Yes,cover is a fielding position in cricket

What is an unintentional cricket shot that sometimes results in a catch by a fielder in slips?

It's called an outside edge. Often a defensive shot or a cover drive gone wrong.

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hard drive

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How good is the hard drive woodworm cricket bat?


Which stump you have to cover while playing cricket?

Middle & Leg stumps.

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Which sport consists of 'off drive'?

Cricket. An off drive is when the batsman hits the ball forwards and away from him/her

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