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Q: Could you list the colleges with most active players in NFL?
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List the top 10 colleges with the current most NFL players.?

As of 11-08, the University of Miami has 46 active players on NFL rosters. Second is FSU with 37.

Can you list the top ten colleges with the most active NBA players?

Not in order but here are the top ones: Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, North Carolina, Syracuse, and possibely Florida.

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The best thing you could probably do is search online at They have tons of bible colleges that list what scholarships they offer.

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How many players ALL together on a baseball team?

There are nine players in the lineup at any one time on a baseball team. In Major League baseball, each team's active roster is limited to 25 players, although, a team's roster can be up to 40 players including players on the Disabled List or Suspended List. The active rosted is then expanded on September 1 of the season, up to the maximum limit of 40.

Whats the difference between major league baseball active and 40 man rosters?

The active roster is 25 players. The other 15 are either on the disabled list (or some other "list" such as bereavement) or they are in the minor leagues.

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How many people are on the Chicago Cubs?

Every team has a 25 men active roster. There's also an expanded 40 man roster which contains players that are eligible to be moved onto the active roster if one of the players on the active roster goes to the disabled list, is released, etc..

How many Major League Baseball players are from the Dominican Republic?

Baseball Almanac lists well over 200 active players from the Domincan Republic. Click on the 'Ballplayers from the Domincan Republic' link below to see a list of those players, active and retired, that are from DR and have played in MLB.

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