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one symptom of pregnancy is sore breasts it is possible

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Q: Could you be pregnant if your breasts have been sore and cloudy and bits of fluid are coming out of your nipples?
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Your breasts and nipples are very sore are you pregnant?

In some cases that may be true....but you could be coming onto your period or getting off but when i started feeling my breast being sore i was pregnant

What does it mean when you have sore nipples and clear liquid coming out of your breast?

um the only way liquid could come out of your breasts is if your pregnant. during pregnancy, your breasts fill with milk. or this liquid could be something else. not too sure. but if your pregnant, its most likely breast milk.

Could you be pregnant if your nipples hurt?

You definitely could be pregnant. It might also be a sign that your period is coming soon. Or you might want to et your breasts checked up on to make sure you don't have an infection or anything.

Why is there discharge coming out of your nipples?

because your pregnant

If you have fluid coming out of your breasts are you pregnant?

If you are leaking a yellowish color liquid out of your breast there is a very large chance that you are pregnant... take a pregnancy test and good luck I wouldn't count on it completely although it is possible. Just remember, leakage from nipples (if not pregnant) means infection.

What does it mean when something white is coming out of my breasts?

That maybe discharge it can happen to women/young women who aren't pregnant or breast feeding...but still like what's the location of the white stuff is it from your nipples or just from your breasts...I need a specific location but hope this helps! Go to the doctor if you need to...=)

Liquid is coming out of your nipples and im not pregnant?

Thats normal mate aslong as you have dd's

If sore breasts are a side effect of coming of the Depo-Provera does that mean you are not pregnant even though you had sex after your shot was due and you have sore breasts?

Hi, Your question is: If sore breasts are a side effect of coming off the Depo-Provera does that mean you are not pregnant even though you had sex after your shot was due and you have sore breasts? Sore breasts is a common side effect of the Depo shot, among other things. This does not necessarily mean you are not pregnant. To be certain perform a pregnancy test if your period doesn't arrive.

Why breast are coming out for women?

Breasts are for feeding the babies. They contain glands that produce milk when you are pregnant.

I have been on depo for 8 yrs and missed my last depo shot and haven't went back to get it and my breasts-nipples are sore and i feel different could i be pregnant?

If you had unprotected sex, you absoluetly could be pregnant. Or it could be the effects of coming off the depo shot and much more estrogen entering your system. If this continues, you MUST see your OBGYN immediately.

Your dog is not pregnant but has milk coming out of her nipples?

If you are absolutely positive she is not pregnant then she could be going through what is called a "phantom pregnancy". Google it to find more out about it. :)

What does it mean when your breast is sore?

It means either your period is coming or your pregnant and your breasts are developing milk slowly .

Why are there yellow spots where your nipples are on your bra that come off in the wash?

Either your pregnant and your milk is coming out early.. or its just sweat!

When i squeeze my nipple clear liquid is coming out but I've been gettin my period could i still be pregnant?

Probably not. Getting your period is a pretty reliable sign that you are not pregnant. It's normal to secrete small amounts of fluid from you nipples. If it seems excessive, consult your doctor. Well my daughter is 11 and she has liquid coming out of her nipples what does that mean??

Are you pregnant if your breasts just get bigger?

You could be, but it could be a sign that your period is coming. If you miss your period, take a test

You have yellowish whitish fluid coming from your nipples what does this mean?

If you are not towards the end of pregnancy or have not been pregnant recently you need to see a doctor.

Are itchy sore nipples a sign of being pregnant?

Yes, as well as a sign that your period is coming soon but yes, it is a sign of pregnancy.

Why is there clear liquid stuff coming out of my nipples and im not pregnant?

It means your healthy and it does it to keep nipple ducts open to let air in

Can a pregnant women get a dental deep cleaning at 25 weeks?

i wanted to know my friend has come milky or clear liquid coming from nipples

Is it bad if there is clear discharge from breasts while pregnant?

no you breasts are producing milk for the baby and when you first start to breast feed the clear stuff is good for the baby. you will have milk coming out with the clear discharge.

Why to see milk coming out of your breast if you are not pregnant?

It's not milk, it's discharge. If it's dripping or running out of your breasts, get to your gyno ASAP!

Can you be pregnant if on implanon and haven't had a period in 3 months and have milk coming out of your breasts?

It's unlikely that you're pregnant on the contraceptive implant. Take a home pregnancy test if you have symptoms of pregnancy.

There is white stuff coming from my nipples and I'm only 3 months pregnant?

In the second half of pregnancy (and you are almost there, it's not like it hits on day 1 of the second trimester) the breasts may leak a thick white or yellow fluid. Sometimes the fluid is seen if the breasts are pushed or massaged. This is known as colostrum. Colostrum is different in composition than milk and will be important in nurturing the baby in the first days of life before the milk "comes in."

Can a dog that is not pregnant have milk coming out of her nipples?


Why your dog nipples are inflamed?

You should take your dog to your Veterinarian to have the condition checked out. It could be many things. Such as coming into heat, a false pregnancy, pregnant, pyo, etc.