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Q: Could there be a polecat in your loft?
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What are ferrets descended from?

maybe they can be descended from the European polecat or the Steppe polecat. Maybe they could be related to a extinct species, no one knows for sure.

What is a pink eyed polecat?

A pink eyed polecat is an albino ferret that was domesticated from the European polecat ferret

When was Marbled polecat created?

Marbled polecat was created in 1770.

When was European polecat created?

European polecat was created in 1758.

When was Striped polecat created?

Striped polecat was created in 1810.

Could you watch videos on youtube with a kyocera loft?


What is somthing cool about the marbled polecat?

The marbled Polecat is not cat at all!

How much would a polecat be worth?

Depends on where you live and the condition of the polecat.

Who would win a polecat or a mink?

Depends on type of polecat or mink you use. American Mink vs European Polecat: Mink for sure, it's larger and more aggressive. Not to mention, being an invasive species to the U.K. (where I live). The mink is also a swimmer, meaning if it took place in water, the mink trumps it. The mink is also considerably more slender, despite it's size advantage. European Polecat vs European Mink: This could go either way, I'm slightly leaning towards the mink though, again, because of it's possible agility because of it's slenderness. American Mink vs Steppe Polecat: This could go either way, again, but I'm slightly leaning towards the Polecat. It should be larger and heavier. European Mink vs Steppe Polecat: Polecat wins. It's larger, heavier and more powerful.

When was Saharan striped polecat created?

Saharan striped polecat was created in 1833.

What is a female polecat called?

A female European polecat ferret is called a "Jill"

Does a ferret and polecat have the same niche?

Domestic ferrets are thought to be domesticated from the European polecat ferrets