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Once through the 2008 season. That was September 10, 2006 in New York when the Colts (Peyton) defeated the Giants (Eli), 26-21. Peyton had 25 completions in 41 attempts for 276 yards, 1 TD, and 1 INT. Eli had 20 completions in 34 attempts for 247 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT.

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15y ago
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15y ago of yesterday it was possible! but since the colts just lost today, its a no go!

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Q: Could the Manning brothers play against each other in the Super Bowl in 2009?
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Are the Manning brothers the first brothers to win Super Bowls?

Yes they are the first brothers to win super bowls

Which siblings were named MVP in consectutive Super Bowls?

The Manning brothers.

What was the last name of the brothers who played quarterback for the 2006 Super Bowl champion Colts and the 2007 Super Bowl champion Giants?

Their last names are Manning. Peyton Manning and Eli Manning.

Have brothers ever won the Super Bowl on the same team?

Brothers did win back to back superbowls with the manning brothers winning SB's 47 and 48 but never was a pair of brothers that won the NBA finals.

What brothers have both won Super Bowl MVP?

Peyton and Eli Manning

What is the record for most Super Bowl MVPs for brothers?

The only brothers to win Super Bowl MVPs are Peyton and Eli Manning, who each won one.

How many Super Bowls does the mannings have?

3 - Peyton Manning won Super Bowl XLI and Eli Manning won XLII and XLVI

did brothers ever coached against each other in the super bowl?

No there hasnt this year could be the first if the super bowl is 49ers v. Ravens.

Have Two brothers ever won Super Bowl with different teams?

Yes Eli and Peyton Manning.

Name the only brothers to be named Super Bowl mvp?

Peyton and Eli Manning back to back

Did Eli Manning won a super bowl?

YES he has, against the freaken New England Patriots.

Three pairs of brothers who won Super Bowls?

1 manning 2 smith 3 farnhorth spellling and barber