Could maddi Jane speaks uyghur

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Could maddi Jane speaks uyghur
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Is maddi Jane uyghur?

yes she is

Does Maddi Jane belong to Uyghur ethnicity?

no, just rumor I guess. the name itself refer anything about Uyghur and there is no claim from this person who was Uyghur

What is maddi Jane's real name?

maddi jane munkhorgil

Were leave maddi Jane?

maddi jane leaves in chicago L.I,nashville.

What is the nationality of Maddi Jane?

Maddi Jane is A American because she lives in Chicago, Illinois

Is Maddi Jane American?

Maddi Jane is a Half American Because her Father is Turkish and her Mother is American

How old maddi Jane?

maddi jane is going to be 14 in september 4th she is 13 right now.

What is the name of Maddi Jane's drummer on Barricade?

Adam James Fuller is Maddi Jane's drummer on Barricade.

Is maddi Jane dead?

No she is not

What the name of maddi Jane sister?

Mia Jane

What grade is maddi Jane in?


Is maddi Jane a filipino?