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No chance.

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Q: Could babe Ruth bench press 420lbs?
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How Much Weight can Babe Ruth bench?

Babe Ruth could bench 450lbs

Ruth bader ginsburg activist?

who appointed this person to the bench

What is the value of a 1913 Babe Ruth press pin?

Babe Ruth did not start his Major League career until 1914. He did not play in a World Series until 1916 with the Red Sox. World Series Press pins would have been issued in 1916, and not for a player but for the team. It could have been years before a souvenir pin was issued or sold for the then unknown player Babe Ruth. You will have to be more accurate in describing the pin you have. The pin you have could not have been from 1913 or a press pin.

Where does Ruth Piper get her ideas from?

Nobody but Ruth Piper could answer that.

What did Mike say jokingly that Ruth could do with the frog?

What did Mike say, jokingly, that Ruth could do with the frog

Why did ann putnam send Ruth to tituba?

She sends Ruth because Ruth can speak to the dead and she was hoping Ruth could figure out who murdered her seven children.

Who is the best baseball player that played in the majors?

babe Ruth mickey mantel pete rose and johney bench at least one of them

What has the author Ruth Linssen written?

Ruth Linssen has written: 'Polizei' -- subject(s): Police and the press, Police and mass media, Police-community relations

What actors and actresses appeared in Trixie and the Press Agent - 1913?

The cast of Trixie and the Press Agent - 1913 includes: Marshall Neilan as The Press Agent Ruth Roland as Trixie Blossom

Photo of Babe Ruth from associated press what is it value?

Babe Ruth Associated Press photoA Babe Ruth Press photo in general is worth about $100.00 - $200.00 Press photos also known as a wire photos are very collectible, and can sell for hundreds of dollars depending on photo quality, composition, and subject. Other factors in putting a value on the photo is; was the Photo used in a publication? If the photo was used in publication finding this publication would add value. The photographer that took the photo could also add value. Sometimes this information is provided on the back as well. These photo will sometimes have editing marks for cropping. This will not lower the value.

Who won the Babe Ruth Award in 1976?

1976 was Johnny Bench of the Cincinnati RedsThe winner of the Babe Ruth award in 1976 was Johnny Bench of the Cincinnati Reds. The Babe Ruth Award is given to the player with the best performance in the World Series, like the World Series MVP Award but presented several weeks after the World Series is over. The award is to honor baseball legend Babe Ruth, and has been awarded every year since 1949. (with the exception of 1994 when the World Series was canceled due to the players strike.)

How could you tell Buth Ruth signed a baseball?

it wouldn't matter, babe Ruth is the signature your looking for

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