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Q: Could Bolt beat a horse in the 100 meters?
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Can usain bolt beat any animal over 100 meters?

bolt can beat alot of animals but he can not beat a cheetah

Could Usain bolt beat a horse over the world record distance?

no Haha good question. a racehorse would win though

Can usian bolt beat a horse on a 100 meter run?

I don't think so but Anthony minichiello can because i haveseen him

Could a zebra beat a horse in a race?

no a horse i tranned to race fast yes.(:

Which is faster a race horse or a llama?

LLama's are actually under-estimated they could beat the average race horse

What sea creature is faster than a horse?

Dolphins are pretty fast but I don't think they could beat a Quarter Horse.

Could a zebra beat a race horse?

do you think so a zebra deffintily

Can Usain Bolt beat a bicycle?

Usain bolt was running at about 26mph I think. The track racers can go about 40mph. A normal cyclist he could beat over a short distance, but I'm not sure about track cycling

What breed of horse isn't great at dressage?

the breed doesnt matter. you could have some 100,000 dollar imported warmblood and a 30,000 dollar quarter horse could beat the warmblood

In a kilometer race A can beat B by 40 meters and B can beat C by 50 meters so how many meters can A beat C in a 500 meter race?

45 meters

Who beat Hussein bolt?

Tyson Gay is ONE man that has beat Hussein Bolt but he was still young and not fully developed yet.

Should you beat a horse?

No, you should never beat a horse. Beating a horse will cause them to lose trust in you and they may possibly fight back.

Which gait is the only three beat gait of a horse?

The canter is the horse's only three beat gait.

What is the name of a rope that we use to beat a horse to move?

I believe you mean to "hit" or "tap" the horse not beat it and you would use a "whip" to urge the horse on.

Who is faster then bolt?

no one even though Yohan Blake beat Bolt in the 100m and 200m Bolt is faster

How did your horse get beat in the horse racing?

My horse sprained her ankle, coming out of the gate.

What is the fastest horse that lived?

The fastest horse that ever lived was named Carbine. He was very fast and could beat Phar Lap easily!!! He was so fast, he could nearly keep up with one of today's V8 cars!

Who is the fastest runner?

The fastest runner is Usain Bolt!Usain Bolt, I bet I can beat him!!-PeckarooBob Wayles ran the 400m dash in 8.50 seconds in 1964.It The Bro AhmedT The fastest man is Ahmed (the bro)Usain BoltDash in incredibles of coursecurrently Usain Bolt who has run 100 meters in 9.58 seconds and 200 meters in 19.19 seconds.Shaquille O'Neill ran the world record half mile sprint time in 2014Usain boltUsain BoltUsain Bolt in a record time of 9.58 seconds.Usain BoltUsain Bolt.

Who is sayasith?

he beat usain b bolt

Can a horse beat a car racing a very short distance?

i really think a horse can beat a car for about 20 feet on take off

What does don't beat a dead horse mean?

It's a useless action. (A dead horse won't pull your wagon no matter how much you beat him.)

Who beat the qwop game?

i play qwop game in my college and i beat the record which is 102 meters. in 50 meters you have jump on a herdle and then in 100 meters you have do long jumping .... beat if you can....... suresh perera...........

Which horse has an unusual four-beat running walk called a gait in addition to a canter?

all movements of the horse are called gaits. The gallop is a four beat movement, but not unusual. Maybe American Walking Horse?

Who beat Usain Bolt twice?

yohan blake

When did Usain Bolt beat the world recored?