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In gymnastics, there are four events, Bars, Beam, Vault, and Floor. As you improve you can travel and compete and even have a chance to go to worlds.

In cheer you make towers and perform and do routines like dancing to music in an odd way. You also do some type of floor. This involves less strength but alot of quick thinking.

There both alike because there both sports (of course) and they both learn to do tricks but you don't make towers in gymnastics YOU DO FLIPS IN CHEER ALL THE TIME. Guys and girls can do both of them.

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Q: Compare and contrast cheerleading and gymnastics?
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What are facts about gymnastics with everything?

Well gymnastics is a sport, but the funny thing is cheerleading is not and in cheerleading you do gymnastics.

Which is hared gymnastics or cheerleading?

You can't really compare the two. Gymnastics is an individual sport. All the techniques, skills, and flips you learn are all on you. Cheerleading requires more than one person for a stunt. Cheer choreography also aims for synchronization.

What has more injuries gymnastics or cheerleading?

In all sports cheerleading reports the most fatal injuries. In womes sports, cheerleading is still in the lead, folowed by gymnastics

What is the difference between cheerleading and gymnastics?

Cheerleading is performed with a team, gymnastics is a solo sport Cheerleaders stunt Gymnasts have a higher level of tumbling Gymnastics has four apparatuses Cheerleading is more like tumbling. Gymnastics does bars,beams,vaults,and flexibilty. Tumbling is doing backflips,cartwheels,or other stuff on the floor which cheerleading is exactly like.

Is gymnastics like cheerleading?

the tumbling and flexibility is.

A randolph is a sport term for which sport?

cheerleading or gymnastics

What did Miley Cyrus do gymnastics or cheerleading?

Technically, she was a very good cheerleader if that counts, before she was famous.

Did cheerleading originate before gymnastics?

I don't think so.

Do you need to be in gymnastics to do a split?

no you can be eg. a dancer and be able to do splits or even be a normal person !!

Is gymnastics harder then cheerleading?

it depends in gymnastic you have the bars and beams which are hard but in cheerleading you have stunting and jumping. then in both you have tumbling which can be hard. i think both of the sports are hard and difficult.

How do you learn a cartwheel?

well do gymnastics or have your parents teach u or do cheerleading!

Can people in gymnastics go in cheer leading?

Definitely. There are a lot of gymnast that have gone to cheerleading. As well as cheerleaders going to gymnastics.