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I dont know much about trucks, but i have kind of the same problem. I plug my truck in and it starts fine, but if it sits a few hours unplugged, it is a problem. My boyfriend showed me this trick that really helped alot. turn the key until the spring light thingy goes off, then turn the key off, then turn the key again and RIGHT when the light goes of for the second time start it with your foot lightly on the gas... it starts alot easier, and if you have a programer in your truck, turn it all the way down the night before,....if you have an outlook monitor.

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Q: Cold start problem on F250 you got a 2002 f250 with a 7.3 diesel that was running fine Parked it one day and the next day when you got in it and turned the key all the gauges went crazy-the motor?
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Why do diesels keep running while parked?

Diesels are kept running while parked for various reasons. In cold weather, a diesel may be very difficult to start so it is better to leave it running. Maybe the engine is needed to run heat or A/C for the sleeper cab.

Peugeot 205 diesel running problem having problem with the car staying running will tik over for a while then die and if started and reved will stay running until the revs are let off then will die?

fuel filter

Diesel engine shakes and shudders in idle?

If it is running fine at high revs the most likely problem is an injector

Can you refuel your car with engine running?

Yes, although it's a fire hazard if refueling with petrol, diesel's no problem.

Why do diesel vehicles need to be kept running?

A diesel vehicles does not need to be running. A diesel ignition in a Diesel engine comes from compression and not spark.

How to reduce diesel engine noise?

i have the same problem, my Audi a3 tdi 110 seems to be running louder than most diesels engines.

Do you have to start and stop on Diesel if running bio diesel?

im not sure i understand your question, if you mean do you have to do anything differently than when running petro, the answer is no.

Why do people leave diesel trucks running?

People leave their diesel trucks running because they think it is better. It is a truck with no spark plugs.

How do you get your diesel truck running after you ran it out of diesel?

Fill up the fuel filter with diesel fuel before you try starting it.

What causes a motor to not shut down when you turn the keys off?

It depends on the engine. A diesel engine will stay running until the fuel source is removed. Gasoline engines need the fuel and spark to stay running. If the engine fails to cut off it could be an electrical problem, mechanical problem, or your may have accidently put diesel fuel in your unleaded only vehicle. I would need more details to answer this better.

Does a diesel engine vehicle continue running if you remove the battery while it is still running?

Depends. An older Diesel is likely to keep running. A modern, with a full set of electronic engine diagnostic might not.

How long will diesel car run on petrol?

It won't, even a mixture of gasoline and diesel will not work. May I add that running petrol in a diesel will destroy that diesel engine.