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John Wooden - (10)

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2008-04-26 20:26:26
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Q: Coach with Most ncaa division 1 national championships in basketball?
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Ncaa division 1 all time basketball wins by coach?

bob knight-902 wins!, 3 national championships

Which college basketball coach has 3 national championships?

Coach K, of Duke. I believe...

What female coach has the most championships in division 1 college basketball?

Pat Summit

What NCAA men's basketball coach has won the most national championships?

John Wooden won 10 NCAA national basketball championships with UCLA from 1964-1975.

Coach with Most national championships in college football?

Larry Kehres, of Mount Union College, Division III, with 9 national championships.

Why wouldn't john wooden be the best ncaa basketball coach of all time with 10 national championships?

because he sucks at basketball

How many men's basketball championships has louisville won?

Men's Basketball has won 2 National championships. One in 1980 the other in 1986 under the coach Denny Crum.

What coach has the most national titles in college basketball?

John Wooden with 10 championships at UCLA. UCLA won another championship under coach Jim Harrick. With 11 championships UCLA has the most championships.

Indiana Mens Basketball has 5 National Championships How many of those were won with Bob Knight as coach?


Basketball coach most NCAA championships?

john wooden

Who is John Wooden?

John Wooden is an American basketball player and coach. As head coach at UCLA he won ten NCAA national championships in 12 years. Seven of which were in a row.

Who won the most championships as college head coach?

John Wooden UCLA Basketball coach

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