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ok it is the Golf cart it like to be wierd

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Q: Club car golf cart. Why does my Golf cart stop and go for no reason. After I moved the forward and reverse switch back and forth it seemed to fix the problem. No broken or corroded wires. Bat full?
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What is wrong with a Chevy automatic turbo 350 that works in reverse but not forward?

Could be a pump problem or broken planetary. Regardless, the transmission will need to be disassembled.

No drive gear in 2002 Chevy auto transmission?

I had this problem in my 2007. the forward sprag was broken. i still had 1st, 2nd 3rd and reverse but no drive.

Safari van Reverse works drive doesn't?

If Reverse works and Drive doesn't in a Safari Van, the problem is in the transmission. The belts for the forward gears are either stretched too much or broken.

My 1994 4 runner will not reverse drives forward great?

When a Toyota 4Runner will not move in reverse, it could be that the reverse band in the transmission is broken. Another possibility is a problem with a range selector. Both problems would need the services of a transmission expert because the transmission would have to be pulled.

What would cause your 1995 Trans Am to go in reverse but not in forward gears?

The transmission is broken. Take it to a shop.

What if your 2001 Lincoln ls v8 does not go into reverse gear?

do you have all forward gears? if yes, you have broken reverse gear (one turning the spin into reverse) in the transmission, if you miss also some forward gears it shifts rough, tranny is to be rebuilt... either way it's expensive fix

No reverse gear on a 1989 LeBaron any idea on what the problem could be?

Low fluid, broken transmission.

What causes a jeep wrangler to go forward but locks the front tires in reverse?

One possibility is a brake caliper that has a broken or missing bolt. Or something has broken inside the front axle.

Why does my1996 Chevy blazer go forward but will not reverse?

The input sunshell splines have stripped or the hub has broken off. This will give you 1st + 3rd gears only with no reverse, 2nd, or 4th gear.

Why does the brakes on a 2002 Chevy Malibu's brakes lock up when put into reverse after being parked Going forward usually releases them?

back brake springs weak or broken! or a brake part is broken.

Why would a 1991 Honda Accord not shift into reverse nor forward?

You may have a broken spring which disengages the transmission allowing it to shift or it is bad linkage going to the transmission.

What is wrong with your transmission if you can't go in reverse?

It truly depends on the trans - auto or manual? Chev or Dodge? However, if you can go forward but reverse is gone, you have broken parts in the transmission. Really common on some GM's. Dan the tranny man