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The winner of the English league winners are called E.P.Linners . But they are called Champion league winners if they win that trophy.

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Q: Classication of teams that won league title?
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What teams have won the English title?

The only four teams have won the English Premier League; Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Blackburn Rovers

Has any other team won the English league title 4 times?

Plenty of teams have won the title 4 times, but none have won it 4 times in a row

Which Italian teams have won the eufa champions league?

Three italian teams have won the Champions League. These are AC Milan , Inter Milan and Juventus.

What football teams haven't won a title?

The Texans

How many teams were in the league when the Browns won the NFL championship?

10 teams.

Who won batting title in American league in 2009?

Joe Mauer won the 2009 American League batting title with a .365 batting Average.

How many times has the premier league teams won the premier league?

Every time

What teams has ronaldo won the champions league with?

Christiano Ronaldo has won the champion League only once with Manchester United.

Who won the batting title in 1976?

Bill Madlock won the 1976 National League Batting title with a .339 batting average, and George Brett won the 1976 American League batting title with a .333 batting Average.

Who won the 20002001 premier league title?


Who won the title in 1637 premier league?


Who won the national league batting championship in 2005?

Derrek Lee of the Chicago Cubs won the league batting title with a .335 average.