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Jeremy Whitherspoon (Can) thighs are 70 cm in circumference each

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Q: Circumference of a speed skaters thighs?
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How do speed skaters spin?

Speed skaters don't spin. Their training and equipment is designed to maximize foreward velocity.

How much pro skaters wear helmets?

Pro hockey and speed skaters wear helmets but pro figure skaters don't.

Who do speed skaters and figure-skaters wear different kinds of skates?

They're used for different purposes-- figure skates for jumps and spins and speed skates for speed.

What are 10 facts about speed?

Speed skaters use friction and drag.

What are the Norway speed skaters?

Norwegians that skate fast

You are 15 and each of your thighs are 50cm in circumference Are you fat?

Depends on your height. If you are 5'2, those are slightly chunky thighs, but if you are 5'4, you are average. If you are 5'6+, you are slim.

Are there gay speed skaters?

Yes, American skater Keith Carney is openly gay. There have been closeted Dutch skaters in the past.

World class speed skaters can skate a 3000-mcoursein about 4 minutes what is the average speed?


How do speed skaters dress when speed skating?

They always were short sleeve shirts and shorts because when you speed skate you have to go really fast and you get hot really quick but some speed skaters buy speed skating uniforms that are very light and very stretchy so you can move your legs easily.

What speed skaters will attend the 2010 Olympics supporting US?

Sasha Cohen

World class speed skaters can skate a 3000m course in about 4 minutes What is their average speed for this course?

12.5 m/s

What speeds can speed skaters reach?

30 mph on land, 35-40 mph on ice.